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How to Tell Your Gut Bacteria Who's the Boss So You Can Help Acid Burps and Discomfort, Naturally

Your gut bacteria produce chemistries, together loosely referred to as your microbiome*, that significantly controls your health.

This book is for people who are interested in improving their health by taking easy steps for increasing the number and types of helpful bacteria in their gut.

If you've tried diets or probiotics and did not get the results you were looking for, then THIS book is for you.

Written by a research team from Stanford University, this book is an easy-to-follow guide to understanding the science of how and why your gut bacteria is the key to your future health and how to improve your gut bacteria.

This team of innovative microbiome experts has developed so many ground-breaking technologies for controlling and tuning gut bacteria that the US Patent Office awarded them 5 patents.

One of the team worked with Jonas Salk, the man who developed the polio vaccine, for 13 years at the Salk Institute.

The other is a Professor Emeritus from Stanford University.

Together they have 210 scientific papers published.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This book is NOT for people who don't care about what those trillion crawling, multiplying, food-eating, chemical squirting bacteria in your gut are doing to your life 24/7.

Nor is it for people who are satisfied with the watered-down explanations of how probiotics work.

Our research has shown if “you take care of your microbiome, your microbiome will take care of you™.”

This book will guide you on how to nurture the bugs inside of you, so they fall in line and start working for YOU around-the-clock 365 days a year.

Before you know it, you can start to feel better.

Inside we debunk two marketing myths that probiotic manufacturers have been pushing into consumers' minds:

1.) You can compare different probiotics by the billions of colony-forming units
2.) ALL probiotics need to survive the stomach acid.

We explain what's wrong with those myths because we know you are smart and want to be able to sort out the real information from the BS.

You will also learn which foods you should purchase at your supermarket, online, or at a farmer's market to crank up your most helpful gut bacteria to nourish your body's cells.

By reading and following this book you can live better in your coming years.

Bonus: 21 Mouth-Watering Recipes that Will Boost Your Gut Bacteria Like Rocket Fuel!

*strictly speaking, the microbiome refers to the genetic material of the microbes