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The Liovi Brand

What does the brand Liovi mean and where did it come from?

By Brian Lue

When my team decided to launch our yogurt brand, we struggled to find a good name.  One night I kept asking myself over and over “Why did we start this company, NuBiome?” and “What is our brand promise?”.  I then remembered a near-death experience I had that captured the emotion of desperation that some of our consumers could be experiencing in their lives.

This moment, which was a turning point in my life, happened when I was just a freshman in high-school.  Every Spring I had terrible allergies which required allergy shots to control.  One day a routine trip to the doctor’s office to get an allergy shot almost killed me.  Luckily the procedure after getting an allergy shot was to sit in the office for 15 minutes to make sure you did not get a reaction.  When I got the shot, I knew something was wrong immediately.  It felt like a baseball bat hit my arm and I actually complained.  Within 5 minutes of receiving the shot, I felt some tingling on my scalp.  I told the nurse and she instructed me to go and wait in one of the examination rooms.  Five minutes later my face started to swell, my breath shortened.  I tried to use bio-feedback to control everything but nothing worked and the doctor told me to lay down.  He rushed and barked out orders to the nurse as they prepared to get some medications and an IV into me.  A few minutes after that I started to go into a full anaphylactic seizure.  My body then started to thrust up and down without control like a piece of bacon popping and sizzling on a hot skillet.  It became more and more difficult to breathe as my throat and lungs constricted.  He put an oxygen mask on me.

As this all happened, things started to slow down and I knew I was minutes away from going into a coma and even dying.  As the doctor and nurse rushed and struggled to hold me down to get an epinephrine and some other shot and an IV into me, my vision became more and more tunnel like.   As my consciousness started to fade I thought, “Man this really sucks.  You are 14, haven’t even kissed a girl, and you are going to check out of this world if the doctor doesn’t save you.”  And out of desperation, while my body continued to seize uncontrollably, I said a prayer to myself, “God, if you save me, and let me live, I will live my life full-throttle to the end to make a good life, grow up and fall in love, have a family, do what I can to make the world a better place.  Just give me a chance.”   And after that moment, the violence of my body’s convulsions became less intense, my throat and lungs started to open up.  The swelling of my scalp and face gradually subsided.  An hour or so later things were a lot better.

I was spared.

While remembering this difficult moment I realized that some of the people who would be drinking our yogurt or buying our future products could be in difficult situations and needed hope.  I wanted our brand promise to mean and relate to what they were feeling and looking for. It’s sort of strange that when we live our lives every day, we may want a nicer home or car, to get a better job, to look more attractive, to be healthier, to fall in love.  But when we look at death, right in the eyes, we just want to live and have someone to love.  So the words “I live, I love(TM)” flowed into my mind.  I extracted and manipulated 5 letters from those 4 words which contained the brand promise.  The brand name Liovi was born.