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What is so special about Liovi(TM) Probiotic Drink?

We believe that the gastrointestinal tract is the engine of your life. Besides being a delicious drinkable yogurt, Liovi(TM) Probiotic Drink is made by a special Lactobacillus bulgaricus strain called B-30892.  Laboratory testing performed at Purdue University and the Indiana University School of Medicine compared B-30892 with 6 other Lactobacilli strains from a commercial probiotic supplement, dairy drink, yogurt, and Purdue research sources and the researchers reported B-30892 had performed substantially differently.  We cannot make health claims so if you search on Google for the strain or patent, you will see the important things that the B-30892 probiotic can do.


Is the patented B-30892 strain a genetically modified organism (GMO)?

No, it is not.   The B-30892 strain was isolated by Dr. Gregory Bojrab from a cultured drink.  So it was naturally occurring and not genetically modified.  Our team is opposed to GMO’s due to the unknown and often irreversible risks that GMO’s pose to the food chain and human health.  Avoiding GMO’s was the main reason we chose to use organic milk.


How much Liovi(TM) Probiotic Drink should I drink?

Each person is different.  If you feel like your gastrointestinal tract needs some attention, a cup a day is a good amount.  Otherwise, once you open the bottle, you need to finish it within a week.  So you can take a couple or more ounces each day to finish the bottle off within 7 days to stretch a bottle for up to a week.  For extreme cases where a person has a high intestinal demand, three cups a day may be appropriate.  It’s yogurt so if you want to drink two to three cartons a day, that’s fine too.  Someone on our team often drinks that much ever since we launched the product earlier in 2014.


Are the cows grass-fed?

The cows that make our organic milk are pasture-raised so they do eat grass.  However, if the weather or seasons interfere with their access to fresh grass, they may eat supplemental feed that is consistent with organic milk production.


Can you make a drink with goat milk?

We currently are using cow’s milk.  We may consider goat milk in the future, but are not planning for it in the near future.


Can you make the drink with whole-fat milk?

We are currently using low fat milk to keep the calorie count low.  We understand that some people want full-fat for various dietary reasons and we may consider it in the future.  However, we are not planning for it in the near future.


Is the product OK for lactose-intolerant people?

Yes, we add lactase to it so that lactose-intolerant people can benefit from Liovi(TM) Probiotic Drink.


Can you make more flavors like strawberry or peach?

We are currently have two flavors, Plain and Vanilla, and we know that our customers have told us that the product is working for them.  We also have unpublished clinical trial data that tells us that the current set of ingredients works.  We will need to thoroughly test the effects of fruit flavors on the product’s performance before we make another flavor.  This is because we’d have to mix the fruit into milk before we ferment the yogurt.  The added fruit could change the performance of the B-30892 strain, during the fermentation process, in an unexpected manner and it will take substantial resources and time to test the effects of this.   So until we have another flavor, it’s best that you flavor the drink however you like to.  Go ahead and blend it with your favorite fruit, syrups, powdered ingredients (nutmeg, cinnamon, etc), and/or sweetener.  This is perfectly fine to do because by the time we ship the bottles, most all of the fermentation is completed and the important chemistries are already in the yogurt.


Can I freeze the cartons after I purchase them?

Some of the retail stores may have frozen cases of Liovi in their storage and you may be able to purchase the cases frozen so you can take them home and put them into your freezer.  If you buy the product via the internet and they arrive frozen, partly frozen, or defrosted, you can put them in the freezer for up to 12 months or until the “defrost by” date specified on the box.


Why aren’t you using organic sugar?

Organic sugar is brown, not white like conventional sugar.  The reason why it is brown is because it has some residual molasses.  Molasses is an uncontrolled product as it contains varying amounts of minerals and antimicrobial substances.  We believe that the  effects of the molasses and minerals on the quality of fermentation and health benefits of B-30892 need further research.


What is NuBiome, the maker of Liovi(TM) Probiotic Drink, planning to do in the future?

NuBiome was formed by a team of disease hunters.  It’s mission is to understand the causes of human disease and create and market nutrition and future products to help support people’s health.