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Your Gut Microbiome May Be Linked to Your Longevity

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You are what your microbiome lets you eat. If the results of a lifespan experiment performed on fruit flies can be applied to people, your microbiome may also affect your lifespan. An article published in Scientific Reports described how McGill University scientists fed fruit flies a combination of probiotics and with a herbal, polyphenol-rich supplement. The supplement was made from fruits from India called amalalki, bibhitaki, and haritaki. The flies fed the special diet lived up to 66 days, 26 days longer than the ones without the supplement. The scientists believed that the combination diet helped the flies to combat the stresses associated with aging.

These kind of findings are not surprising to my research team at NuBiome. We have long promoted the idea that the mixture of gut microbes are capable of producing on the order of a million unknown chemicals and some of those could be harmful, while the others harmless or helpful. The harmful chemicals can interfere with how things normally function in our bodies. We believe that because of our modern diets and environmental chemicals that kill off the helpful bacteria, the harmful chemicals in our gut have been increasing over the years.

This is why we believe a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, along with Liovi to help to promote a healthy intestinal balance, is an essential way to keep your microbiome in a happy state.

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