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The Cheese Thought Experiment

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If you are wondering why the bacteria in your gut matters and how it can affect the chemistry in your body, please use this powerful example to help you imagine and understand the complex interaction of food and bacteria inside you.

This is an important, yet simple, thought experiment that took me about 10 years to come up with.

It will help you understand why taking care of your microbiome matters to your health.

Think of all of the kinds of cheeses that you have seen and/or tasted.

If you haven’t tried many cheeses, imagine that you are at the cheese counter at your grocery store.

There are many types of cheeses and they are so different.

Some are hard, some soft, mild, stinky, creamy, dry, moist, solid, with holes, with rind, without rind, white, gray, orange, with blue mold.

Some get soft, gooey, and stringy when you heat them and others remain hard.

Some you can cut easily others you have to grate. 

Now ask yourself, “what is cheese made from?”

Milk. says there are about 1800 kinds of cheeses from around the world, around 1200 of them from cow’s milk.

So if you think about cows milk turning into 1200 distinct types of cheese and then ask yourself what’s the difference in how the cheeses are created.

You realize that the major difference is the kinds of bacteria or mold used to make the different kinds of cheeses.

All of those differences in smells, colors, tastes, and hardnesses are because the bacteria and/or mold used to make the cheeses are creating different chemicals than the microbes in the other kinds of cheeses.

Think about what this means for you.

Around 1200 different kinds of bacteria and/or mold will turn the same ingredient, cow’s milk, into 1200 kinds of cheeses.

You have about 10,000 different kinds of bacteria inside of you.

Think about how many different kinds of chemicals will be produced in each one of us.

None of us, not even members in the same family, not even identical twins will have the same exact 10,000 or so bacteria.

None of us will eat the same combination of foods each day.

So you can imagine, now, why you are the one who has to be in control of your health.

You are unique because your bacteria in your gut is unique, and the different kinds of food you eat is unique.

This is why no one can completely predict what will happen to you if you eat this, take that drug, etc..

This is why you are the person that has to educate yourself about your health and diet and observe how you react to the choices you make.

This is why you have to read and talk to people to get an idea how certain diets and probiotics work, and then try and see if something will work for you.

The good news is that somehow, certain foods and probiotics tend to work in a similar fashion in many of us.

Some probiotics are known to be more reliable than others.

The good news is the one in the 8 ounce milk carton that tastes like melted vanilla ice cream, Liovi, happens to be the most reliable in many a circumstances.

Best of Health,

Brian Lue

Maker of Liovi Probiotic Drink
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